Coming Home

Posted on Posted in 2016 LA Mission Trip

What is one way you will live differently from this experience? 

  • Gratefulness and more often reaching out to people to try to lead them to God or just be their friend.
  • I won’t hesitate to speak with those that I am lead to talk with.
  • I will have more compassion for people less fortunate. I will also pray for them very differently. I also realize the impact in taking initiative to help people with what seems o be very basic needs to then be able to impact them in a spiritual way.
  • I will be more thankful for what I have and be more willing to go up and speak to people.
  • I will appreciate everything I have and I will use it all for the glory of God. I’ll also strive to be more selfless and help others in need.
  • I am going to be more outgoing and intentional with my words and actions as a Christian in other peoples lives.
  • I will make an effort to get to know people from now on. I never knew how much I wanted to know people until I had a family group this week. I want a community like that to go to on a regular basis.