More Student Stories

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Here are a few more student stories from how God is working in our students:

Matthew reflect on Isaiah 1:2-3 

It talks about the fact that Israel knows God but are rebelling against him. I feel like a lot of the people we get to serve don’t know God. We have the green light to go share the Gospel with them! We are the disciples of all nations and just like in James it says to not just hear it but to go and do it! This week and forevermore I want to do it. I feel Mom and Dad’s prayers! 


Today we were handing out drinks and snacks to people in Echo Park, when we stopped to talk to two elderly Latin American people. Their names were Guadalupe and Margarita. They had beside them a bag of small yellow fruits that they had picked. When they offered us some, I was blown away. They had very little, yet they were happy to share with us. I learned something from them, and that was very encouraging.

Stay tuned for more stories from our students.