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The last few days we have taken some time as family groups and as a large group to reflect on what God has done this week. We asked the students and leaders to answer a few questions for us. Stay tuned for some of their responses.

Student Story: Ella M

What did God teach you during this experience?

During this experience God taught me that I need to be more joyful throughout my everyday life. I can tend to complain a lot while I am at school or in a bad mood. At Skid Road while talking to people and asking how their day was, I found that many said their day was great and they had a positive, joyful attitude. I found it amazing that throughout their hardships they were still so joyful. It made me feel like all the things I complain about are not a big deal and it is pitiful that I complain. I have a home and a loving family an an education that I take for granted. From now on, I want to be more positive and find joy in all that God has given me. This also helps show me how worldly possessions don’t matter and don’t bring happiness.

Student Story: Ella L

What did God teach you during this experience?

He taught me that everyone, even a man fishing on a lake, has a story that should not be taken for granted. You shouldn’t judge someone until you get to know them and their story.

Leader Story: Scott W

What did God teach you during this experience?

How much we all need Him and how much we have to learn from each other. I received much more than I gave on this trip.