Skid Row Experiences

Posted on Posted in 2016 LA Mission Trip

Student Story: Jaysen C.

I never thought I would find myself in Skid Row. Being there was something that changed the way on how I look at life. I now realize that I take everything for granted. I have a warm bed to sleep, while many don’t even have shelter for the night. I am honored to be apart of the missions trip to the Dream Center in LA. I will be forever grateful for this experience.


Student Story: Noah B.

On Skid Row I talked to genuine people who were so much less fortunate than me, but the things they prayed for were so selfless and encouraging. This contrast made me realize that the problems and situations that I faced in my life were nothing compared to the circumstances that these people had to live through every single day. I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve these people and share God’s love with them, and I look forward to another day serving the Lord here in L.A.