Skid Row Pt. 2

Posted on Posted in 2019 LA MIssion Trip

Walking through a heavily homeless populated area with essentials brings out many people with innumerable needs. Each story complex, each person unique, each conversation meaningful. We are undoubtedly discovering more than we could have imagined. We are learning that no project is done at a particular site until we are in the van and headed back to the dream center, but we are thanking God for that because it draws us into conversations that we did not expect. 

Our opportunity with Joseph was the epitome of that. Not even 100 yards from our vans, Joseph approached us hoping we still had items to give away. Fortunately, we had plenty left, so we filled his arms with all he could hold. Standing in front of us, thankful to the point of speechlessness, Joseph began to tear up. While we never learned exactly what he was dealing with, it was clear that he was hurting. Once again, with boldness our students stepped in and asked him if they could pray over him. Alicia led the prayer while the rest of the group circled him with love. While it was difficult to recognize the hurt in Joseph’s eyes, it was truly a blessing to have the opportunity to be a small bright spot in his day. 

I’m confident that the students and leaders who met Joseph will no soon forget him. They will continue to pray for him. The impact from the five minutes with him will have a lasting effect. I would invite you also to continue praying with us for Joseph and all those living on Skid Row. Thank God for the ministry that the Dream Center does weekly for that community!