Skid Row Stories

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Student Story: Lily M

Going to Skid Row was very eye opening and humbling. I realized how hard it is for these people, and how dangerous. At first I was assigned to filling bags with food, and I heard the person next to me just saying “Bless this bag” and I decided to start praying over the the people who would receive them, just praying for safety and that they would realize how much the Lord values them. I realized how they are not safe there, and all the troubles they face each day from getting food, and facing other people who are not kind to them, how they struggle with the things we take for granted and expect.

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Leader Story: Jennica M 

Going to Skid Row was the thing I was most nervous about going into this trip. I have not spent much time with homelessness and I thought that this was going to be way out of my comfort zone. We were out of food within the first 10 minutes and still had an hour of walking to do. I was very nervous but it didn’t take very long to realize a simple smile and asking “what is your name” and “how are you doing?” really made their day. I was thanked countless times for coming to just say hi. All my pre-conceived ideas of homelessness were blown out of the water and I was seriously humbled walking those streets.


We are so proud of our students!! The Dream Center team we were with said that it was a great night on Skid Row and that “you all must have an army of people praying for you back home.” Parents – your students were confident amidst their nerves; shook hands; prayed with and encouraged hundreds of people on the streets last night. I wish that each of you could have been there to watch them – I have never been more proud of our students.