Some More Stories…

Posted on Posted in 2016 LA Mission Trip

What did you learn about God this week? 

  • That He is always providing for His people, no matter how small.
  • His love is deeper, wider, stronger than I had previously known.
  • He understands. I got to pray with a few people who spoke no english but they (dream center team) said “God knows” and that He hears us no matter what our language is.
  • I learned that God can use you in every aspect you have. He will use all of your abilities and use you in ways you won’t believe.
  • He provides, no matter how far gone you are, you are never too far from Him and He will always take care of you.
  • I learned that God is really a big light to the people of Skid Row. Also that He set things up for purpose, for a reason, He has a plan and I saw that happen a lot this week.
  • That He is absolutely amazing; He is indescribable. He knows the unknown and that He always will provide. God’s love is the most powerful language and that it helps us connect on a more open/vulnerable level.