Student Stories Continued

Posted on Posted in 2019 LA MIssion Trip

Reflections from Alyssa and Brooke!


“This week I participated in the food truck outreach. Before we passed out food, I was able to talk with several people who came to get the groceries. In one conversation with a woman named Lydia, I was able to ask how her day was going and simply get to know her. After a few minutes of talking I asked if there was any way that I could pray for her. She told me that her daughter was going through some hard things. I was able to pray for her daughter, and it was amazing to have the opportunity to intercede in prayer for her and her family. It was also cool to see how it’s not that difficult to have a conversation with someone you don’t know – even if you’re nervous God will help you and give you the words that you need to say.”


“I wasn’t able to really get into a conversation with anyone, but what I noticed was how grateful everyone in Skid Row was when we brought them clothing, water and food. You could see the impact that we had on them and the impact that the Dream Center has had and continues to have on them.”