Student Stories: Halle

Posted on Posted in 2019 LA MIssion Trip

We are halfway through our time of serving at the Dream Center. Last night we spent time as a whole group in prayer, solo time and reflections of what we have experienced so far. We asked our students to share with us some of the things God is teaching them. Here is one story of how God is working in Halle’s life: 

Before coming on this trip, I had a lot of bitter emotions built up. While a lot of amazing things have happened in 2019, I’ve found myself dealing with two suicides of people I know. One of which happened only 2 days before leaving on the trip. My heart just has felt in a weird place the last few months. I spent a solid 45 minutes in prayer on Tuesday – a time that was led by the Dream Center’s prayer ministry leader. In that time, the word “worth” kept repeating to me. From that time on, I try to embrace every encounter – with the people we reach out to, and the people serving with us – with a mission to make them feel worthy. No one is ever too far from God, no matter the walk of life or choice that’s led to where they are. I can feel God working away my bitterness and opening my heart to view my experiences in a new light. 

Stay tuned for more stories of how God is working in the lives of our students.