Wrapping up Serving

Posted on Posted in 2019 LA MIssion Trip

After dinner Thursday night we went to church at Angelus Temple – the church associated with the Dream Center. It was a different experience than some of our students have seen before so it brought about good conversations about what they liked, what they didn’t prefer and what is important to look for in a church. Some of our students are getting ready to head off to college and look for their own church home so it was a good conversation around those topics. 

As a large group last night, we continued the conversation about our church experience from Thursday evening. The Student Ministries staff shared some of their experiences with different styles of worship and the students asked some good questions. It was a helpful time for all of us to process together. 

Yesterday we moved out of the Dream Center and back into the hotel we are staying at. We served in the morning and afternoon before heading out in the afternoon. We are heading back to the Dream Center this morning for one more day of serving. Today we will all be working on the Adopt a Block project. This is where they go into a neighborhood and just be the hands and feet of Jesus. We might be picking up garbage, knocking on doors, talking with people or playing with kids. We don’t quite know what to expect but we’ll be ready to say yes to whatever they ask! 

This afternoon and evening we will be spending time as a large group begin to process what God has done in each of us. We want to help the students and leaders process before they come home so they can better answer questions and be ready to share with others what God taught them this week. This is always a powerful time to hear what God has done in the lives of our students.

Thank you for praying for endurance as we seek to finish well and begin to transition home. 

Stay tuned for more stories from our students about what God is doing in them.